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Assess the effectiveness of your executive incentive plans.

Incentive plans are essential for executive retention and shareholder value. The Equilar Plan Design suite offers the most comprehensive set of tools to assess and craft an effective executive incentive plan.

Incentive Plan Analytics Calculator - IPACSM

As the world faces an unprecedented global event, companies are more likely to revisit their executive incentive plans given the circumstances. In an environment of increased scrutiny from institutional investors, regulatory agencies, proxy advisors and the media, it is essential to have access to the highest quality data and tools to construct a plan that rewards performance.

Equilar and The Center on Executive Compensation have partnered to develop the Incentive Plan Analytics Calculator (IPACSM). With IPACSM, users are able to assess the robustness of metrics used in their incentive plans compared to the metrics used by their peers. pdf icon Download Factsheet

Key Benefits

  • Compare the prevalence of metrics and long-term incentive plan effectiveness by category in your plans to that of a selected peer group

  • Choose from over 150 financial metrics to determine the statistical relationship to Total Shareholder Return over any time horizon

  • Set attainable targets based on historical performance and current market conditions

Peer Group Dashboard

Peer Group Dashboard broadens your company’s comparative scope by providing you the ability to add more relevant companies to your peer group. Equilar’s innovative dashboard allows you to easily view and evaluate your company’s second degree peers (i.e. peers of your peers). Knowledge of second degree peers is vital to governance, as they may share commonalities with your current peer group and warrant inclusion.

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Total Shareholder Return

The Equilar Total Shareholder Return enables your company to accurately measure the performance of different companies’ stocks and shares over a period of time. A flexible interface allows for custom date ranges that can be matched to incentive plan cycles. The Total Shareholder Return calculator can be further tailored with custom peer groups or with the Equilar Market Peers.

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