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The Top Source for
Proxy Voting Results

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Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Updates

Our database is continually updated with the latest SEC filings to ensure timely information is captured.

Quality Guarenteed

Quality Guaranteed 

We perform a thorough screening of our database through three rounds of quality and accuracy checks.

SureSource Accuracy

SureSource Accuracy

SureSource SEC EDGAR Technology allows users to drill down directly into the source document.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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Analyze Investor
Voting Patterns

Conduct a rapid side-by-side comparison across your
industry or peer group and view how investors have voted
for similar proposals.

Analyze Investor Voting Patterns and conduct a rapid side-by-side comparison across your industry or peer group

The Benefits of Proxy
Voting Results

Analyze specific changes in year-to-year fund voting over the last three years across your company and peers.

Customer Stories

"Equilar’s research team has been instrumental to providing impeccable analysis for critical transaction discussions and executive compensation-related decisions. The team of industry experts is highly capable with a broad understanding of M&A implications on compensation matters. The depth and breadth of expertise in severance/change in control, transaction bonuses and other special awards, to name a few, continue to be an incredibly valuable asset to our team."

“As consultants, clients expect us to know the best-available data tools and resources for informing their decisions, many that require a real-time response. Equilar is a trusted, long-term partner in our work.”

"If recruiters show me a candidate and I put that name into BoardEdge, I can see if the person is connected to our executives or board members, institutional investors or private equity investors. I use Equilar to make sure that I have as much information as I can on the candidates."

"When my sales team was looking at particular companies as new prospects, I immediately thought, ‘I’m going to see who we know over there.’ I ran my directors’ connections through BoardEdge to see if any of them are connected to any of those public companies. We could tap those connections. When you’re looking at a brand-new prospect, how do you get over that wall and make that connection? If you can make that sales call at the board level, that immediately gets sent up to management and you will likely get a call back. The prospect is now in play."

Headshot of Joseph Yaffe, Partner of Executive Compensation and Benefits at Skadden

Joseph Yaffe

Partner, Executive Compensation and Benefits, Skadden

Logo of Equilar Sponsor, Skadden
Headshot of George Paulin, Senior Managing Director and Partner at Meridian Compensation Partners

George Paulin

Senior Managing Director & Partner, Meridian

Logo of Equilar Sponsor, Meridian Compensation Partner
Headshot of Lorna Hagen, Chief People Officer of OnDeck Capital

Lorna Hagen

Chief People Officer, OnDeck Capital

Logo of Equilar sponsor, OnDeck Capital
Head shot of Mary Flipse, Chief Legal and Administrative Offiver at Trivity Health

Mary Flipse

Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, Tivity Health

Logo of Equilar sponsor, Tivity Health

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Thought Leadership

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