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Combining expertise with comprehensive data, the Equilar Research Services Team can capture data on even the most unique compensation circumstances. Get the information you need on benchmarking, pay for performance, incentive plan trends analytics, or any data in between, to help your team make more informed decisions in your preferred format and timeline.

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Custom Projects

There are times when companies require more in-depth data and analysis on particular areas of executive compensation and governance. Equilar Research Services provide fast, affordable and customized data for your most critical and urgent initiatives. Depending on the scope of your request, custom projects start at just $1,000 and can be delivered within 3-5 business days. Rush order is also available if you need faster delivery.

Featured Research Projects

  • Special Awards Granted in Connection with Mergers or Spinoffs
    Analysis includes total annual compensation for each executive to show the award value as a percentage of annual compensation.

  • Chief Executive Officer Employment Agreements
    Analysis includes new-hire CEOs who entered into employment agreements upon joining new companies.

  • Executive Change-in-Control Programs
    Examines cash, equity, and benefits provisions of change-in-control agreements contained in employment contracts.

  • Highly Dilutive Executive Equity Grants
    Studies equity awards in excess of a threshold percentage of a company’s fully diluted shares granted to the CEO or NEO team.

  • Broad-Based Severance Plans
    Pools and examines data from companies that disclosed severance provisions for employees below the NEO level.

Case Studies

Best Practices for 280G Amendments Prior to a Merger

Executive Retention After a Sharp Stock Price Decline

Broad Based Change-in-Control Analysis

Identify Equity Grants with Highly Limiting Criteria