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Equilar RainMaker
Solutions Brief

Learn how to unify customer data silos in the Snowflake Data Cloud.


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Data to Deals

You connect data. We connect the dots.

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What is RainMaker?

RainMaker seamlessly unifies customer data silos on Snowflake, enhancing them with Equilar's real-time executive data. With profiles and 445 million professional connections, Equilar delivers a continuously updated 360-degree view of your firm's network. Leverage this dynamic relationship intelligence to expedite access to buying committees, uncovering new revenue opportunities.

How It Works

RainMaker is the definitive B2B solution, purpose-built to turbocharge your sales and marketing initiatives, exclusively on Snowflake.

Integrate Data Silos

Seamlessly consolidate fragmented buyer data currently siloed across your firm - powered by Snowflake.

Enrich Executive Data

Layer in real-time relationship intelligence from Equilar to create a 360-degree view of your firm’s professional connections - synced directly to your CRM

Win Deals

Streamline workflows to ensure sales and marketing teams have the latest intelligence to reach target accounts.

Graphic showing how Equilar RainMaker Integrates Data Silos, Enriches Executive Data, and helps Win Deals

Why RainMaker?

Build the Foundation

Establish RainMaker as the central hub for aggregating fragmented firm data silos from various sources within your organization, including customer databases, CRM and marketing systems, and more.

Build the foundation

Activate AI Initiatives

Clean CRM data empowers AI initiatives with the precision and insights necessary for informed predictions, delivering tailored recommendations, and optimal decision-making.

Activate AI Initiatives

Solve the Last Mile

Create personalized messages and engagement strategies based on deep insights into executive roles, transitions, and connections. Never miss a beat when it comes to engaging key decision-makers.

Solve the last Mile

Customer Success Story

Headshot of Peter Connelly, Director, Business Technology at Warburg Pincus

RainMaker surfaces information in a very easy to consume format. Our dealmakers need to look at a glance and then take action. Our users are doing prospecting work inside of our CRM, so surfacing Relationship Intelligence where they're working is very important to us.

Peter Connelly

Director, Business Technology