Compensation Data Solutions
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Tools and insights to tackle executive compensation benchmarking, incentive plan design and pay versus performance challenges

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Total Compensation Report

A curated benchmarking analysis tailored to compare pay for your executives against peers.

Top 25 Survey & TrueView

Access a much larger pool of Russell 3000 NEO and Section 16 officer compensation data.

Disclosure Search

Search within all SEC filings for valuable insight into the latest compensation disclosure trends.

Evaluate Your Peer Group Using Data-Rich Comparison Tools

Watch how Peer Group Dashboard can enhance your peer selection process.

Incentive Plan Design

Track Changes Across Peers

Stay ahead of recent incentive plan changes among your peer companies.

Assess Metric Correlation

Choose from over 150 financial metrics to determine the statistical relationship to TSR.

Set Attainable Targets

Select targets based on historical performance of nearly 100 metrics and current market conditions.

Craft Optimal Executive Incentive Plans

Developed in partnership with

Pay for Performance (P4PTM)

Equilar P4PTM Profile

Evaluate pay using several pay definitions and evaluation periods.

Equilar Market Peers

Generate a powerful network of peer companies using our proprietary algorithm.

Proxy Advisor Simulators

Run simulations of proxy advisory firms’ CEO realizable pay calculations.

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Customer Stories

“As consultants, clients expect us to know the best-available data tools and resources for informing their decisions, many that require a real-time response. Equilar is a trusted, long-term partner in our work.”

George Paulin

Senior Managing Director & Partner,

“Without TrueView, we have to make assumptions based on what consultants say using older data. Overall it’s a very useful tool for my role.”

Owen Roberts

Senior Compensation Advisor,

“The depth and breadth of expertise in severance/change in control, transaction bonuses and other special awards, to name a few, continue to be an incredibly valuable asset to our team.”

Joseph Yaffe

Partner, Executive Compensation & Benefits,