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New Client Announcement

Powering Nasdaq’s Client Relationship Optimization

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Equilar, a pioneer in executive intelligence solutions, is delighted to announce Nasdaq, a global technology company serving the capital markets, has selected the Equilar ExecAtlas platform to enhance its relationship intelligence capabilities and optimize its tech stack operations. The strategic move aims to streamline access to client relationship insights and workflows.

ExecAtlas Empowers Nasdaq with:

Comprehensive Data Access: Centralized and reliable data access is synchronized directly in Salesforce, providing a source of truth and unified contact records for efficient decision-making.

Enhanced Relationship Mapping: Purpose-built features for building and nurturing relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders, fostering enduring connections.

Optimized Workflows: CRM activity is seamlessly mapped to client and executive relationships, identifying key accelerators and influencers in the pipeline. It also uncovers new opportunities and connections within the client network.

We're thrilled about integrating ExecAtlas into our systems. Nasdaq is dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology for enhanced client experiences, and we believe ExecAtlas will provide us with the tools needed to achieve this goal.

Jeff Thomas
Executive VP, Corporate Platforms

"We welcome Nasdaq to the ExecAtlas community," said David Chun, CEO at Equilar. "ExecAtlas tackles the 'last mile' challenge, a common hurdle for many of our clients. Our relationship mapping solutions elevate client relationship management, fostering increased efficiency and success."

What is ExecAtlas?

The cloud-based ExecAtlas platform organizes, matches and maintains client profiles with relationship data. With over 2.5 million profiles and 320 million professional connections, ExecAtlas delivers a real-time view of firm and customer networks. Through CRM sync, executive details seamlessly integrate within CRM systems, providing cutting-edge relationship maps to dealmakers, business development professionals, and sales teams.