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Shareholder Engagement

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Equilar Market Peers

Equilar Market Peers is the definitive solution to helping companies create accurate peer groups. Using Equilar’s exclusive technologies coupled with a company’s own proxy peer disclosures within the Russell 3000 and S&P/TSX Composite Indices, Equilar generates an interconnected network of peer companies consisting of “who you know” and “who knows you.”

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Equilar P4P Score

Equilar P4P Score is our patented calculation that helps determine the true pay-for-performance value of an executive. Leveraging our vast database of compensation and company performance metrics, we can establish a P4P Score for executives at a target company to compare with other individuals at peer companies.

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Equilar P4P Profile

Equilar P4P Profile is the definitive solution used by major institutional investors for Say on Pay voting to measure the alignment of pay and performance. Combining detailed CEO pay, company performance metrics, and peer information, Equilar P4P Profile provides an in-depth look at six different pay definitions, allowing companies to evaluate pay from several different angles.

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Glass Lewis P4P Model

Equilar is the exclusive license holder of the Glass Lewis Pay-for-Performance (P4P) model. Obtain your actual Glass Lewis pay-for-performance grade using the most recent compensation and performance information available.

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Glass Lewis Proxy Papers

In addition to the Glass Lewis P4P model, Equilar is the exclusive authorized reseller of Glass Lewis Proxy Papers to issuers. This research service features case-by-case, independent analysis of all proposals contained in tens of thousands of meetings held each year across 100+ markets worldwide.

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ISS P4P Simulator

To ensure the greatest coverage of pay-for-performance analytics, Equilar provides a simulator for the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) P4P model. Our ISS P4P simulator is based on the company’s publicly disclosed methodology model and includes in-depth forecasting and editing capabilities.

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Additional Share Request

The Equilar Additional Share Request solution helps companies ensure equity incentive plans do not negatively impact their long-term objectives. To attract and retain key executives, many compensation packages now include equity awards such as stock options and restricted stock. Equity dilution is a major concern in these situations.

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Shareholder Value Transfer Modeler

Equilar Shareholder Value Transfer (SVT) is one of the most heavily relied upon dilution tests to determine how prudently a company is administering its equity programs. Our SVT Modeler allows you to project the cost of your equity plan within the context of your industry and peer group, allowing you to more clearly communicate the plan’s value to your shareholders.

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Proxy Proposals & Results

Equilar’s Proxy Proposals & Results empowers you with strategic insight on the primary drivers behind key corporate governance voting policies. Our innovative tool provides in-depth analysis on financial and pay metrics that have a direct impact on Say on Pay and voting results. Leveraging our real-time data updates, Proxy Proposals & Results provides you the relevant data and trends in the emerging proxy voting sphere.

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Total Shareholder Return

Equilar’s Total Shareholder Return enables your company to accurately measure the performance of different companies’ stocks and shares over a period of time. A flexible interface allows for custom date ranges that can be matched to incentive plan cycles. The Total Shareholder Return calculator can be further tailored with custom peer groups or with our Equilar Market Peers.

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Board Compensation Data

Equilar’s Board Executive compensation data enables you to effectively analyze board performance and pay. Using our comprehensive database curated from SEC disclosures, Board Compensation Data provides valuable information and metrics that showcase the value of your board of directors and their peers.

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Peer Group Dashboard

Peer Group Dashboard broadens your company’s comparative scope by providing you the ability to add more relevant companies to your peer group. Equilar’s innovative dashboard allows you to easily view and evaluate your company’s second degree peers (i.e. peers of your peers). Knowledge of second degree peers is vital to governance, as they may share commonalities with your current peer group and warrant inclusion.

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Disclosure Search

Equilar’s Disclosure Search is the most comprehensive solution to accurately examine SEC public disclosures. Our accessible interface allows you to search within all publicly disclosed SEC forms using a variety of filters. Results are displayed in excerpt form with the ability to click on a link to open the actual disclosure and the exact location of your search term.

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Consultant Engagement Index

Consultant Engagement Index provides insight on consulting firms that are active within your business environment. Equilar allows you to search and evaluate top consulting firms that advise on pay practices and other important business decisions. Determine fit and compatibility by searching for consultants that commonly advise within your peer group and industry.

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Incentive Plan Analysis

The most detailed and sophisticated data set for performance-based incentive plans.

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