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Board Recruitment for Corporations

Easily assess your board composition, discover the power of your board’s network and build a high-performing board using the trusted Equilar database.

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Board Assessment for Institutional Investors

Quickly compare companies’ boards of directors across attributes such as age, tenure, gender, share ownership, director election history and industry experience. Identify gaps and needs in a board’s composition to determine which companies have the highest performing boards and shareholder outcomes.

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Business Development for Corporate Leaders

Leverage a database of board members and executives to quickly identify trusted referral sources in your network. Gain insight from key influencers, and earn a competitive advantage to win new business opportunities and maximize business development efforts.

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The Diverse Director DataSource (3D)
available within the BoardEdge
Equilar Diversity Network

Equilar, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) and the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) have formed this partnership to help companies find untapped talent to serve on corporate boards. Interested candidates can join here.

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The Art and Science of Board Composition

David Chun, Equilar Founder and CEO, featured on TK Kerstetter's Inside America's Boardrooms


Digital Tool Aims for Better Board Composition

“Equilar BoardEdge is addressing a need in the market and is a very powerful tool.”

– Aeisha Mastagni, Investment Officer, CalSTRS