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The Typical Approach to Board Recruitment

In the past, boards would go about recruiting a new board member in one of two ways.

Both options have pros and cons, but what if there was a better way?

Now, There’s a Better Way

Equilar Board Intelligence Services helps companies streamline the board recruitment process. By partnering with Equilar, organizations will have direct access to Equilar BoardEdge, the industry’s largest database including more than qualified candidates. The proprietary network technology integrated within the BoardEdge product allows individuals to easily view board prospects within their network. This answers the question of “Who do you know?” effortlessly and also expands the pool of candidates simultaneously. Furthermore, Equilar will diligently manage your pipeline, provide custom outreach and oversee search logistics. All of this combined will yield better results and better board prospects.

How It Works

Equilar BoardEdge is the premier board recruitment solution. Its user-friendly platform simplifies the recruitment process and allows for complete transparency. Both the individual and board connection maps clearly display personal and peer company connections, which you can leverage for outreach and references. Clients are able to review candidate pipelines and profiles in just a few clicks.

With Equilar as your trusted partner, finding the right candidate has never been easier. BoardEdge allows you to assess skills of board candidates so you can find the person best suited for your board’s needs. By running a pipeline report, you can easily view your top contenders—you may run the report yourself or have one of the Equilar BoardEdge team members assist you. The pipeline report facilitates targeted outreach which enables Equilar or your organization to leverage client and partner relationships to contact potential candidates. Equilar will then aid in identifying red flags and perform backchannel reference checks for those candidates interested in joining your board. When it comes time for the nominating committee to convene and review potential candidates, you can feel confident in the competence of the board candidates you provide them with.

The Equilar Advantage

Full Control

Nominating Committee members have access like never before to candidate profiles, real-time updates and search pipelines through the Equilar cloud-based BoardEdge platform.

Speed and Efficiency

Clients drive the process with direct access to BoardEdge to identify candidates and leverage network connections for reference checks.

Independence and Transparency

Boards can expand beyond the “who do you know?” list of candidates and have Equilar assist with outreach and candidate assessment.

Significant Savings

The Equilar Recruitment & Succession Planning Services provide an innovative solution to boards looking for the structure of a traditional search without the high fees.

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