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Executive Fundraising

Prioritize prospects through connections with friends, acquaintances and business relationships

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Are you ready to get started building your executive network? Create your free Equilar Atlas account today.

Equilar Atlas allows development officers to prioritize prospects through connections with friends, acquaintances and business relationships. Connecting with high net worth individuals at the right time is no longer a problem. By identifying upcoming liquidity events based on equity vesting schedules, Equilar Atlas also tells you when to contact potential major donors to help you achieve your campaign goals.


Potential Major Donors

  • Open up a new world of prospects by identifying C-suite and boardroom relationships within your existing network

  • Research executive and board member equity holdings, salary and insider transactions

  • Gain immediate insight into equity holdings and vesting dates


Money-in-Motion and Other Trigger Events

  • Reach executives BEFORE they exercise stock options and sell stock

  • Track executive employment changes, board service and other personnel events

  • Develop customize strategies to differentiate your messages and win business


Through Your Network of Contacts

  • Stop cold calling prospects

  • Win new opportunities through warm introductions by people in your network

  • Find and cultivate new additions to your network of connections

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