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Transform your most valuable relationships into a strategic asset.

Chart showing how Equilar ExecAtlas can orgazine your messy contact data and turn it into a Strategic Asset

Optimize Your CRM
With ExecAtlas

Get Your Data in Order

  • Create a unified contact record for executives and board members across companies
  • Track leadership changes with daily updates of executives and board members

Map Relationships Across Your Enterprise

  • Identify “who knows who” through relationships by mining activity data across your organization
  • Map your CRM activity with executive relationships to identify who can accelerate and influence deals in your pipeline

Win Deals

  • Shorten sales cycles through access to key decision makers and influencers at target accounts
  • Discover new business opportunities within your contacts’ network
Get your data in order by creating unified contact records for executive and board members across companies, as well as tracking leadership changes with daily updates of executives and board members. Map relationships across your enterprise to indentify 'who knows who' through relationships by mining activity data across your organization and map your crm activity with executive relatonships who can accelerate and influence deals in your pipeline Win deals by shortening sales cycles through access to key decision makers and influencers at target accounts, as well as discovering new business opportunities withing your contacts' network

See ExecAtlas in Action

A major pain point for CRM users is the accuracy and quality of their data, especially of executives and key decision makers at the top of every account. In a complex B2B selling environment, accurate C-suite data forms the backbone of effective sales and marketing efforts.

Customer Stories

"Excellent platform for discovering prospect relationships. Equilar ExecAtlas has been a crucial part of our go-to-market strategy. We've used it to understand the relationships that our investor, advisors and executives have with our target enterprise accounts. This has been impactful in getting those first meetings set and finding new opportunities. It's easy to use and implement."

"Key for wealth managers. ExecAtlas provides critical relationship data that you simply can't get from other sources like social media or our own rolodexes. Over the years, it's easy to collect hundreds or thousands of contacts that could potentially introduce you to other individuals who may have shares vesting or equity events in the near future. This type of data is crucial for wealth managers (especially those who work with High-Net-Worth individuals)."

"ExecAtlas Maximizes Performance and ROI on CRM Investments. At Saggezza, our mission is to ensure our clients have the platforms and systems in place to fully leverage Salesforce for success. Critically important to this effort, is helping our clients get their arms around the mountain of data to drive better insights and opportunities to close new business. ExecAtlas provides our clients the most advanced technology and data to identify immediately where there are network connections to C-Suite decision makers who can influence positive outcomes, ultimately increasing ROI."

"Excellent app to discover relationships & drive data insights. Very impressive app from a great team! Using ExecAtlas, we are able to combine the practical value of a CRM with data about relationship & market data insights. This allows us to map the relationships we have with what Equilar knows about their broader relationship graph: other board members, officers, executives, and influencers. The managed sync helps us keep our data clean, and provides a great foundation for our Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) program so we can stay in close contact with the relationships that matter most to our business."

Headshot of Erik Wagner, Former Head of Growth at Onclusive

Erik Wagner

Former Head of Growth, Onclusive

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Greg DelGenio

Partner and Chief Revenue Officer, Plative

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Thought Leadership

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