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The Equilar Resource Center is a one-stop destination for professionals to learn key terms and definitions in business development, corporate governance, executive compensation and board recruiting.

Business Development
Corporate Governance
Board of Directors
Executive Compensation
  • What Is the Summary Compensation Table (SCT) and How Does It Relate to Executive Pay?

  • What Are Realized and Realizable Pay?

  • What Is the Difference Between an Annual Incentive Plan (AIP) and a Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP)?

  • What Is Pay for Performance?

  • What Is Total Shareholder Return and How Is It Used to Determine Executive Pay?

  • What Is Shareholder Engagement?

  • What Is an AGM, and What Happens There?

  • What Is a Shareholder Proposal?

  • What Is Proxy Access?

  • What Is Proxy Fight?

  • What Is Board Intelligence?

  • What Is Relationship Capital?

  • What Is an Executive Briefing and Executive Briefing Center?

  • What Is a BoardMap?

  • What Is Executive and Board Data?

  • What Is a Board of Directors?

  • What Is Board Succession Planning?

  • What Is the Chairman of the Board?

  • What Is a Lead Independent Director?

  • What Is the Public Company Director Election Process?

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