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BoardEdge for Business Development

How are you preparing for your most important business meetings? Are you customizing your credentials and references based on the experiences and relationships of key decision makers?

Across Corporate America, business leaders rely on trusted sources within their network when selecting advisors for their most visible and strategic assignments. When competing for new business, BoardEdge users quickly identify trusted referral sources in their networks to establish instant credibility with prospects to win new business.

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  • Access over rich profiles of public company board members and executives.
  • Identify past clients within your network who can serve as trusted referrals and help you win key assignments.
  • Research prospects for background and insights to engage in more targeted and meaningful conversations.

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  • Upload a CSV file of high-level contacts accumulated from any major CRM, email client or professional networking site to leverage effectively across your entire organization.
  • Gain unprecedented insight into executive connections and histories with nearly 20 years of boardroom relationship data.
  • Tap new business opportunities within your client base by identifying past boardroom connections.

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  • Maximize the ROI of your business development efforts.
  • Ensure a higher winning percentage and positively impact your bottom-line.
  • Accelerate business development by harnessing all of the powerful relationships in your own network.

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