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Equilar: The 20 Largest Security Perks in the Fortune 100

REDWOOD CITY, CA (January 18, 2017)—A new Equilar report released today, Executive Benefits and Perquisites, provides an overview of the most common forms of “other compensation” as reported in company proxy statements. In conjunction with that study, Equilar conducted a deep dive research study into executive perks in the Fortune 100, analyzing details of more than a dozen perk types disclosed across this set of companies.

Among those, personal and home security perks stand out as one of the only perks consistently growing in prevalence. Over the three years of the study, this was the only perk that saw more than a two percentage point gain in terms of how many executives were eligible to receive them. In 2013, 33.1% of Fortune 100 executives were eligible to receive a personal and home security allowance, a figure that increased to 37.5% in 2015.

“Overall, we found the results of the study somewhat surprising,” said Amit Batish, Director of Content at Equilar. “With pay practices emphasizing performance-related compensation, the assumption would be that any perks that could be deemed excessive would be on the decline.”

Below is a list of the 20 highest personal and home security perquisite values offered to Fortune 100 executives in fiscal year 2015 (complete data for 2016 will not be available until May a majority of proxy statements are filed).

For 2015, each of the 20 executives on this list received more than $100,000 in security benefits. In past years, only 12 executives cleared the $100,000 mark in 2014, vs. 15 in 2013. In each of the three years in the study, the two richest security perks in the Fortune 100 were provided to Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Larry Ellison of Oracle, both receiving more than $1.5 million in benefits.

Overall, the value of “other compensation” reported for Fortune 100 executives increased 14.5% in fiscal year 2015, reaching a median $126,550, up from $110,557 in 2014.

The 20 Largest Personal and Home Security Benefits Values, Fortune 100 Executives

Company Name Executive Name Executive Title Security Services / Systems
AMAZON.COM INC. Jeffrey P. Bezos President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board $1,600,000
ORACLE CORP Lawrence Joseph Ellison Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer $1,535,452
FORD MOTOR CO William Clay Ford, Jr. Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board $928,150
WALT DISNEY CO Robert A. Iger Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer $683,245
JOHNSON CONTROLS INC Beda Bolzenius Vice President, Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific, and President, Automotive Experience $469,538
JPMORGAN CHASE & CO James Dimon Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer $462,264
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC. Warren Edward Buffett Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board $370,244
ALPHABET INC. Eric E. Schmidt Executive Chairman of the Board $359,581
FEDEX CORP Frederick W. Smith, III Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer $297,669
APPLE INC. Timothy D. Cook Chief Executive Officer $209,151
ORACLE CORP Mark V. Hurd Chief Executive Officer $176,156
JOHNSON CONTROLS INC Alex A. Molinaroli Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer $151,019
CHEVRON CORP James William Johnson Executive Vice President, Upstream $137,912
GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC Lloyd C. Blankfein Chairman and Chief Executive Officer $132,560
COCA COLA CO Ahmet Muhtar Kent Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer $130,591
ALPHABET INC. Sundar Pichai Chief Executive Officer, Google $127,525
FEDEX CORP T. Michael Glenn Executive Vice President, Market Development and Corporate Communications $124,207
EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION Rex W. Tillerson Chairman and Chief Executive Officer $122,675
LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP Marillyn A. Hewson Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer $120,768
HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC David M. Cote Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer $118,681

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