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Equilar Diversity Network Members Join New Public Company Boards

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March 6, 2020

As part of an ongoing effort to promote diversity in America’s boardrooms, Equilar launched the Equilar Diversity Network (EDN) in 2016. A feature of the Equilar BoardEdge database, EDN is a consortium of leading diversity-focused organizations consolidating robust registries of board-ready executives.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, 2020, Equilar would like to highlight and congratulate the 24 women EDN members who joined a new public board in the last quarter of 2019. These individuals are paving a path to diverse representation on boards and across corporate America. Below is a comprehensive list of these members and the boards they have joined.

Molly Coye
Kathleen DeRose
Voya Financial
Diane Dewbrey
Barrett Business Services
Margaret Foran
Orion Group Holdings
Terri Kline
Sara Lewis
Healthpeak Properties
Ann MacDougall
Progenics Pharmaceuticals
Singleton McAllister
Chart Industries
Meredith Mendes
Quanex Building Products
Kimberly Nelson
Mary Raymond
Veeco Instruments
Debra Reed-Klages
Lockheed Martin
Susan Riley
RTW Retailwinds
Debra Sandler
Grace Schalkwyk
Salisbury Bancorp
Kathleen Scott
Conatus Pharmaceuticals
Vicky Sutil
Antero Resources
Lizanne Thomas
American Software
Carol Tome
Cisco Systems
Mary Vitale
Winifred Webb
Donna Wells
Mitek Systems
Martha Wyrsch
Quanta Services Noble Energy
Phyllis Yale
Bristol-Myers Squibb

About the Equilar Diversity Network

Launched in September 2016 to advance diverse representation in boardrooms across the globe, EDN now consists of 21 partner organizations and more than 3,500 diverse candidates, supplementing more than 500,000 candidate profiles already in the Equilar BoardEdge database. EDN is a consortium of leading diversity-focused organizations consolidating robust registries of board-ready executives into one searchable database.

Equilar Diversity Network Partners Include:

Visit to learn more.

Equilar Diversity Network Content Sponsors Include:

Contact Belen Gomez, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Communications, at if your organization is interested in becoming an EDN partner.


Daniella Gama-Diaz, Associate Editor at Equilar, authored this post. Please contact Amit Batish, Content Manager, at for more information on Equilar research and data analysis.

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