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2018 Survey Data

Data from the 2018 Top 25 Survey is now available.

Top 25 Survey quickly allows you to analyze compensation for division heads, general counsels, HR executives and other key executive positions through its continually updated database.

Why Participate in the Survey?

Participation comes at no cost and includes two complimentary executive summary reports from a selection of 15 reports organized by trends, industry, market capitalization and other features.

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Top 25 Survey gives you industry and competitor insight on how to properly compensate your executives. The Equilar industry-specific publications provide a balanced assessment of the trends and compensation practices most relevant to your company.

Please visit our Survey Portal sign up page for login credentials.

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2018 Survey Data

Data from the 2018 Top 25 Survey is now available. All participating subscribers to our database are now able to run custom reports within the Insight tool using the latest and most accurate data from this year’s survey. Participants will also receive complementary summary reports as outlined below.

Please follow this link to navigate to the Insight tool to start using the latest data.

Contact us at or your Account Manager for more information.

Top 25 Survey Company Lookup

Interested if certain companies take part in the Equilar’s Top 25 Survey? Use its lookup tool:

Survey Participants

As one of the largest compensation surveys in the industry, over 1,200 companies have previously participated in Top 25 Survey.

Participants of Top 25 Survey have included global industry leaders, such as:

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Private companies are also important contributors to Top 25 Survey. Their participation allows them to gain further insight on how to provide added value for their executives by using company size and industry data that specifically fits their needs.

Ease of Use and Data Accuracy

Top 25 Survey can be completed in one afternoon, not in days. It is one of the most painless and fastest surveys to complete. Equilar also accepts submissions in various templates to help participants save time.

Data accuracy is a hallmark of the continued success of Equilar. When submitting information through the Top 25 Survey online entry tool, actual data taken from SEC filings are provided to help facilitate accurate data entry.

  • Hand curated, manually reviewed proxy and survey data

  • Survey data cross referenced with proxy, Form 4, and 8-K data for efficiency and accuracy

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Survey Reports

Equilar will provide each participant their choice of two of the following reports, completely free:


  • Apparel & Textile
  • Luxury Good


  • Bank
  • Financial Services
  • Investment Services
  • Real Estate
  • Mortgage Finance
  • Savings & Loans

Consumer Products

  • Consumer & Household Products
  • Entertainment & Leisure


  • Energy


  • Healthcare Services
  • Medical Equipment & Devices

Industrial Manufacturing

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Forestry & Paper Products
  • Industrial Products
  • Machinery
  • Metals & Mining
  • Packaging & Containers


  • Insurance
  • Reinsurance


  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Retailer
  • E-Commerce


  • Semiconductors
  • Telecommunications
  • Electronics

Revenue Reports

  • Less than $500MM
  • $500MM - 1B
  • $1B - 5B
  • $5B - 15B
  • More than $15B

Geographic Reports

  • Canada

Relevant Data

The Equilar comprehensive reporting solution provides only the data that you need.

  • Customize your methodology

  • Over 90 different job functions

  • Handpick companies to include

  • Remove specific benchmarks by disclosed title





How to Choose a Compensation Survey

Typically, there are three elements that go into determining the quality of a survey: peer group and position coverage, the quality of the data, and the methods used in collecting data. As far as the coverage of a survey, it is best to select a compensation survey that includes a large amount of peers that are similar in scope or industry to the company or organization that is participating. To achieve the highest quality of data, a survey provider should collect and present all elements of total direct compensation, including base salary and annual incentive. As well, data should be collected using the same reporting format and methodologies for all compensation elements. An ideal survey contains data that is gathered on an annual basis and reviewed by a highly educated team that is knowledgeable within the compensation industry

Equilar Top 25 Survey is the most comprehensive and largest survey in the industry. The Equilar database covers all industries and includes companies from almost any peer group. Top 25 Survey takes every approach to ensure that data maintains the highest quality, abiding by strict SEC guidelines and consistently collecting data in accordance with the latest LTI methodologies. Finally, the trained team of Equilar research analysts carefully reviews every survey submission in order to guarantee that Equilar clients only receive access to compensation data that maintains the highest quality and accuracy.

Subscribe to the Survey Database

An affordable Top 25 Survey subscription will grant you full access to the robust Equilar catalog of survey data and the library of Top 25 Survey executive compensation reports.

In addition, Top 25 Survey subscribers will receive:

  • A complete set of customized Total Compensation Reports (TCR)

  • Assistance from Equilar Top 25 Survey analysts

  • Access to training webinars


You can entrust your information through the secure online tool or protected off-line spreadsheet. Your data is safely encrypted in the database. As part of the Equilar commitment to data privacy, only Top 25 Survey participants are eligible to access the survey database.

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February 21
2018 Submission Portal Opens

May 19
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July 14
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