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Equilar Expands “Behind The Numbers” To Highlight Corporate Leadership Changes

Video Channel to Track the Compensation of New Hires, Promotions, Title Changes and Resignations of America’s Top Executives

REDWOOD CITY, CA (June 5, 2013) – Equilar, the leader in executive compensation and corporate governance data, today announced the expansion of its Behind The Numbers video channel to feature weekly updates of the most influential executive new hires, promotions, and resignations. “With this expansion, Behind The Numbers provides a deeper look into the latest compensation and employment trends of today’s corporate leaders,” said Aaron Boyd, Equilar’s Director of Governance Research. “In addition to monitoring the changes in the C-Suite, we’ll provide links to detailed profiles and bios, as well as links to actual employment contracts as filed with the SEC.”

This week’s leadership changes include individuals from the Technology, Media, and Retail industries.

Andrew Miller resigned as CEO and President of Polycom effective 7/19/2013. Mr. Miller resigned after a review found irregularities in his expense submissions.

Details of his separation agreement include:

  • Lump sum payment of $500,000

  • Eligibility to receive bonus for the first half of 2013, subject to the terms of the company’s Performance Bonus Plan

  • Additional LTI grant worth $1.23 million paid in 50% stock options and 50% performance shares. The stock options vest in three equal amounts on the first three anniversaries of the grant date.

  • Equity awards that are unvested as of 8/15/2013 will be forfeited permanently

Kevin Parker was named Interim CEO and President of Polycom effective 7/19/2013. Mr. Parker is currently Chairman of the Board and will continue to serve in that role. He was previously President and CEO of Deltek.

Details of his employment agreement include:

  • $35,000 monthly base salary with an annual target bonus opportunity of 100% of actual earned base salary

  • Equity award comprised of 98,700 restricted stock units with grant date value of $1,103,466

  • Equity award comprised of 98,700 performance shares subject to vest based on TSR with grant date value of $1,103,466

Glenn A. Britt will retire as Chairman and CEO of Time Warner Cable effective 12/31/2013.

Details of his separation agreement include:

  • All unvested stock options and RSUs, valued at $50,032,191 as of 12/31/2012, will become fully vested

Bruce Besanko was named EVP and CFO of SUPERVALU effective 8/7/2013. Mr. Besanko joins the company from OfficeMax, where he served as EVP, CFO, and Chief Administrative Officer.

Details of his separation agreement include:

  • Annual base salary of no less than $675,000, subject to a one time increase by the Leadership Development & Compensation Committee

  • Signing bonus of $1,500,000

  • Annual cash bonus target equal to 100% of base salary

  • Option award to acquire 225,000 shares of SUPERVALU common stock with estimated value of $691,766 on date of transition announcement, becoming exercisable over three years

  • Equity award comprised of 225,000 restricted stock units valued at $1,739,250 on date of transition announcement, time vesting over three years

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