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Equilar Releases N-PX Tool for Better Proxy Voting Analytics

REDWOOD CITY, CA (April 19, 2017) — Shareholder engagement continues to become more and more common each year, and companies are consistently searching for ways to improve relations with their institutional investors.

In response to this growing trend, Equilar has launched enhancements to the shareholder engagement tools within Equilar Insight. The new N-PX functionality—aimed to give companies an avenue to better understand the voting patterns of institutional investors—has been added to the current proxy proposals and results module offered within the platform.

Management investment companies must file Form N-PX with the SEC filing on an annual basis. Typically, each management fund has to vote on the proposals of the companies in their portfolio, and the results are aggregated into 8-K filings. The N-PX tool will allow companies to easily analyze voting trends for all board resolutions or shareholder proposals and be better prepared to satisfy shareholder interests year-round.

According to the recent Equilar report, Innovations in Proxy Design, the disclosure of engagement efforts in the proxies of S&P 100 companies increased 50 percentage points from just over 12% in 2012 to 63.0% in 2016, and the percentage of S&P 100 companies that disclosed a modification made in response to shareholders nearly tripled to 42.0%. By using this data, issuers will be able to arrive at shareholder engagement meetings more prepared to discuss specific, pressing concerns of their investors.

Aggregated N-PX data in the new Equilar feature provides valuable insight to understand the policies and practices of institutional shareholders. Users can quickly determine who is influencing the outcomes of proxy proposals and identify key trends in corporate governance. With Equilar N-PX, users can do the following:

  • Maximize engagement by identifying investors who have voted against recommendations

  • Scan across the industry or peer group to see how investors have voted for similar proposals

  • Seamlessly map the investor votes from N-PX with management proposals from DEF 14A filings and the actual voting outcomes from 8-K filings

  • Coming Soon: Drill down to access the actual SEC N-PX filings

For more information, please visit Equilar Shareholder Engagement or email

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