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Preparing for Investor Meetings Has Never Been Easier or More Accurate

Equilar launches Shareholder Engagement Report

REDWOOD CITY, CA (August 3, 2016) — Equilar is announcing the release of the new Shareholder Engagement Report, which provides executives, board members and investors with real-time data to prepare for shareholder engagement meetings. The Shareholder Engagement Report is now available for thousands of public companies within the Equilar BoardEdge platform.

Each report highlights key company and governance data including everything from newly elected directors to board policies to executive pay. During this fall’s shareholder engagement season—which typically occurs between annual shareholder meetings and the end of the calendar year—thousands of public companies will meet with multiple investors such as Vanguard, BlackRock and Fidelity to discuss a variety of corporate governance issues. For example, BlackRock alone meets with more than 1,500 companies annually. Preparing for these meetings not only takes careful scheduling but also meticulous planning to be sure to address any issues on both sides of the table.

“When investors prepare for engagement meetings with board members and corporate governance professionals, they are often forced to rely on out-of-date reports or extensive manual efforts combing through filings and company websites,” said David Chun, Founder and CEO of Equilar. “With a click of a button, the Shareholder Engagement Report highlights potential governance issues in advance of engagement meetings.”

With the Shareholder Engagement Report, proxy voting teams, executives and board members can be sure they are focusing their discussions on the most pressing issues.

The various sections of the Shareholder Engagement Report are detailed below, showing the variety of data and information included. For a sample report, please email

  • Executive Summary: Key data points from the rest of the report and the BoardEdge product.

  • Recent Updates: Appointments and resignations on the company’s board or executive team since the last annual meeting.

  • Annual Meeting Results: Outcome of the company’s most recent round of shareholder and management proposals.

  • Election of Directors: Overview on how each director standing for election in the most recent annual meeting performed.

  • CEO Succession: Insight into whether the company has a history of outside CEOs or maintains a stable of experienced internal candidates.

  • Executive Pay: Basic summary compensation table information, as well as realizable pay figures for the CEO.

  • Board Policies: Information on a board’s stated succession and meeting policies.

  • Executive and Board Member Biographies: The latest experiential data on current directors of the company.

About Equilar BoardEdge®

BoardEdge is a data platform including information on public company executives and board members that users can discover by name, age, gender, title, biography, executive and board experience, company name and financial data, and geographic location. The defining feature of BoardEdge is a social network-like connections map that shows how candidates are connected to other directors within the database. With the new Shareholder Engagement Report, subscribers have access to individual company reports highlighting key performance and governance data including everything from newly elected directors to board policies to executive pay.

About Equilar

Equilar is the #1 provider of executive data, collecting information on more than 140,000 executives and board members from thousands of public companies. Our cloud-based platforms organize executive data into easily digestible formats, delivering compensation benchmarking, corporate governance and shareholder engagement tools with accuracy and integrity. These platforms bring together companies, shareholders and advisors to inform better business decisions and drive exceptional results. Founded in 2000, Equilar is the trusted data provider for 70% of the Fortune 500, and is cited regularly by The New York Times, Bloomberg, Forbes, Associated Press, CNN Money, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and other leading media outlets.


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