Executive Compensation Survey


Equilar's Executive Compensation Survey completes the pay picture for your entire executive team. With over 1,000 participants, the survey combines data from a diversified set of companies of all sizes and growth stages. Now, companies can quickly analyze compensation for division heads, general counsels, HR executives, and other key executive positions.


Companies Participating

Over 1,000 companies participated last year:

  • 55% of the Fortune 100
  • 37% of Fortune 1000
  • 20% of the Russell 3000

Canadian and other foreign firms: Our data has been an important piece in evaluating global trends and staying on top of global and local peers.

Private companies: Private firms participate and leverage our Executive Compensation Survey to make sure their executives' pay packages are competitive compared to other companies of similar size and scope.


Why Participate in the Survey?

We produce industry-specific publications to provide an unbiased assessment of the trends and compensation practices most relevant to you.

Participation in the survey includes two complimentary reports from a selection of more than 20 organized by trends, industry, and size. As part of our commitment to data privacy, only Executive Compensation Survey participants are eligible to access the Executive Compensation Survey database.


How to Participate

  • Complete the fastest survey in the industry in hours instead of days.
  • Participate through a secure online tool or protected offline spreadsheet.
  • Access training webinars and assistance from Equilar survey analysts.


Subscribe to the Survey Database

With an Equilar Survey subscription, you can access, sort, and catalog all of this data, as well as read all of our reports based on the Executive Compensation Survey.

Only way to access full survey data: As part of our commitment to data privacy, only survey participants are eligible to access the Executive Compensation Survey database. In addition to accessing all complimentary data available to participants, survey subscribers receive a complete set of customized Total Compensation Reports, as well as unlimited, customizable reporting through our online tool.

Full Integration and Standard Reporting with Online Tool:

  • Blend survey results with proxy information to provide a single data source.
  • Apply consistent valuation methodology across data sources.

I Would Like to Participate

You now have a chance to be apart one of the largest and fastest growing executive surveys, and receive two complimentary summary reports as a thank you. Please sign up below to get started.