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  • DEF 14A Filing Date: 04/08/13
    "Therefore, compensation information for the biotechnology companies within our peer group is compiled by Equilar using proxy statement filings to provide additional data and to inform the Compensation Committee."
  • DEF 14A Filing Date: 02/27/13
    “Committee used the peer group data, in conjunction with the general surveys, as a reference point for compensation design considerations. This data was derived from proxy statement data available from an Equilar database.”
  • DEF 14A Filing Date: 03/11/13
    "SUs or PSUs, net of those required to pay option exercise prices and taxes on such awards, since he became CEO. 1 Based on Bloomberg data for reported net earnings for the years shown. 2 Based on Equilar data for reported SEC total compensation minus the change in pension value."
  • DEF 14A Filing Date: 04/29/13
    "The following table summarizes our rankings in our retail and general industry peer groups. The financial information reflects fiscal year-end data available as of September 2012, when the Compensation Committee approved the peer groups for the purpose of compensation comparisons. Data Source: Equilar."
  • DEF 14A Filing Date: 04/29/13
    "For 2012, each named executive officer s base salary was set by the Compensation Committee between the 42nd and 72nd percentile versus the 2012 Equilar benchmarks. In particular, the salaries for our chief executive officer, and our chief financial officer and co-president, for 2012 were set at approximately the 72nd percentile and 56th percentile, respectively, versus the 2012 Equilar benchmarks."

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