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  • Executive compensation benchmarking for your top executives and board

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  • Our experienced research team will deliver fast, affordable, and customized data, allowing you to spend more time on value-added analysis and recommendations for your company

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The #1 Provider of Executive Compensation Data & Governance Solutions

Equilar is the leading provider of executive compensation benchmarking and governance data, analytics and tools. Equilar Insight software helps companies easily benchmark pay programs that attract and retain executive talent, link pay to performance, engage effectively with shareholders, and ensure successful Say on Pay outcomes.

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Why Choose Equilar Insight?

  • Most Widely Used And Trusted
    • Over 1,000 clients, including public and private companies, compensation consultants, investors, and major proxy advisory firms
    • The top institutional investors with over $13 Trillion in assets under management look to Equilar when analyzing their portfolio companies’ pay for performance alignment and identify outliers
    • Frequently cited by leading media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Bloomberg
  • Most Robust Data Set
    • Access the most extensive data set on executive compensation available, allowing you to confidently benchmark your entire senior leadership team and board members using public proxy and proprietary Equilar Compensation Survey data. Today’s companies rely on Survey to benchmark below the top 5
    • For your advanced or custom data needs (such as Incentive Plans, Broad-Based Severance Plans, Dilutive Executive Equity Grants and more), our Research Services team can conduct custom research analyses quickly and affordably
  • Unrivaled Comprehensive Pay For Performance (P4P) Solutions
    • Get direct access to best-in-class governance models and tools
    • Exclusive access to the Glass Lewis methodology for their quantitative P4P model
    • Easily see why plans are passing or failing Say on Pay votes and get visibility to recommendations
    • Quickly simulate, edit and forecast your quantitative ISS P4P Concern Level under ISS’ recently disclosed methodology. Includes the Pay-TSR Alignment test and Relative Degree of Alignment and Median tests
    • Run any of the models and analyses using various peer groups including ISS simulated peers, Equilar Market Peers, and Company Disclosed Peers to get a more accurate picture
    • Transparency with five realizable pay calculations with side by side comparisons
    • Easily compare your company’s burn rate and dilution levels against those of your peers, and other industry standards with the Dilution Modeler
  • Most Up To Date Data
    • Data from the latest SEC filings (10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, DEF 14A, and S-1’s) is available within 48 hours
    • Disclosure Search allows you to also click right into the proxy filings to see the source documents
  • Superior Data Quality And Service
    • Published data is thoroughly screened through three rounds of quality and accuracy checks
    • Two dedicated Account Managers who are well versed on the product and industry are here to help
  • Unlimited Users
    • Equilar Insight can be used cross-department (HR, Legal, Investor Relations, C-Suite & board of directors) by multiple people with your subscription
    • Grant access to corporate-only tools and data with your consultant through the Shared Subscription Program at no additional cost

Trusted By Today’s Top Companies

  • More than 70% of the S&P 500
  • The top 20 compensation firms
  • Top institutional investors with assets over $13T
  • Leading media outlets including Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Bloomberg

"When working with your CEO and Board why take any chances?"— General Counsel, Fortune 100 Corporation

Executive Networking + Your Event

Your attendees are the busiest and most ambitious individuals in America. One of the primary draws to attending an event like yours is the opportunity to make meaningful business connections through peers. Equilar Engage is designed with this in mind and helps your guests have a better event experience. It offers a single place to connect to people and information before, during and after your event.

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Equilar Engage is a smart, elegant solution to building attendee interaction and networking opportunities at live events. Engage is a mobile-optimized application that leverages the Equilar database to provide all conference attendees with pre-populated attendee biographies, and even goes so far as to highlight connections among attendees. Add in a private messaging capability and easy access to the conference program and other event information, and you can easily see how Engage adds a significant new layer of value onto all live executive events.

Russel Perkins,
Founder and Managing Director, InfoCommerce Group

Connect With High Net Worth Individuals at the Right Time

Equilar Atlas allows development officers to prioritize prospects through connections with friends, acquaintances, and business relationships. Connecting with high net worth individuals at the right time is no longer a problem. By identifying upcoming liquidity events based on equity vesting schedules, Equilar Atlas also tells you when to contact potential major donors to help you achieve your campaign goals.

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