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Equilar Insight Software — Governance

Promoting Good Governance & Pay Practices

Today, it is imperative for companies to consider and understand how compensation models will be evaluated by government entities, institutional investors, and the public. Our Governance solutions within Equilar Insight supplies companies with powerful tools to analyze, measure, and prepare for how pay strategies will be viewed by these critical stakeholders.

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Pay-for-Performance Analytics

Effectively align executive compensation with long-term shareholder value creation.

  • Measure pay for performance alignment using any peer group methodology, including company-disclosed, ISS, Glass Lewis, and Equilar Market Peers
  • Easily see concern levels with three simulated ISS litmus tests: Pay-TSR Alignment, Relative Degree of Alignment, and Multiple of Pay Median
  • Receive a Glass Lewis pay for performance grade with up-to-date compensation and performance information
  • Demonstrate pay for performance alignment using Realizable Pay in addition to grant date pay values
  • Access your Glass Lewis proxy paper when it is available (a $5,000 value)

Shareholder Value Transfer NEW

Model share requests to align with shareholder expectations

  • Project your Shareholder Value Transfer with simple step-by-step instructions
  • Analyze the levers that affect the cost of equity plans by utilizing a transparent valuation methodology
  • Benchmark against customizable peer groups or industry peers


Total Shareholder Return (TSR) Calculator

  • Enter in customized TSR date ranges and match it to incentive plan cycles
  • The tool also produces a Stock Performance Graph

Option Overhang Report

Relative Standing, Based on Industry-Set Equity Burn Rate Methodology

  • Benchmark your company's burn rate and dilution levels against those of your peers, or other industry standards
  • Monitor movement in aggregate levels of option and restricted stock activity
  • Use custom overhang and dilution ratios to measure one- and three-year burn rate statistics

Proxy Voting Analytics

Tracks Say on Pay and other voting results for you in real-time

  • Review your peers' share requests and other incentive-plan proposal results
  • Analyze the relationship between pay for performance and voting results
  • Identify key financial and pay metrics that may influence voting outcomes