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Equilar Insight provides top executives, board members, and compensation professionals with a trusted, comprehensive, and searchable database of SEC pay data. Equilar's Benchmarking software and annual Executive Compensation Survey data enable companies to build competitive and defensible pay strategies.

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Top 5 Compensation

Distilling SEC Disclosures into Searchable Data

  • Benchmark with data for more than 15,000 top 5 executives from Russell 3000 companies
  • View summary statistics covering cash and equity awards, performance incentives, vesting, and metrics
  • Use SureSource technology to drill down directly to the source of the data
  • Filter data by company size, location, industry, and other criteria
  • Customize data aging, amortization, and regression


Executive Compensation Survey

Go Beyond the Proxies with Unique Survey Data

  • Search more than 25,000 senior executives from Fortune 1000 and equivalent companies from every major industry
  • View summary statistics only available through Equilar's survey covering cash and equity awards, performance incentives, vesting, metrics, and perquisites prevalence
  • Access the entire suite of prepared survey summary reports, summarizing data by region, industry, and role


Board Compensation

Director, Board Member, and Committee Data at Your Fingertips

  • Get detailed breakdowns of each fee component, including annual retainers and meeting fees
  • View cash and equity awards and grant practices like performance period, vesting, and metrics
  • Search for board fee structures at all Russell 3000 companies