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Equilar Insight sets the industry standard for effective executive compensation benchmarking. Our Top 5 and Executive Compensation Survey (ECS) provide for the most comprehensive, accessible, and unbiased solutions in the market.

Equilar is the trusted data source for the world’s largest public and private companies, compensation consultants, institutional investors, and major proxy advising firms.

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Top 5 1

Equilar’s Top 5 offers the most accurate and up-to-date database of SEC–disclosed executive compensation data. Equilar combs through information from each public company to provide a simple, instant download for your use.

Intuitive and easy to use, Top 5 saves you time and resources in the arduous task of benchmarking top executive staff.

  • Superior data quality that is screened through three rounds of quality and accuracy checks 
  • Drill down into the source document with SureSource™ SEC EDGAR Technology 
  • Benchmark with more than 15,000 Top 5 executives from Russell 3000 companies 
  • View summary statistics covering cash and equity awards, performance incentives, vesting, and metrics 
  • Filter data by company size, location, industry, and other criteria 
  • Customize data aging, amortization, and regression


Executive Compensation Survey (ECS) 2

Equilar’s Executive Compensation Survey (ECS) is the industry’s largest survey, providing a complete pay picture to help accurately compensate your executives. With 1,400 public and private companies participating in our 2014 database, ECS is the most comprehensive executive compensation survey available.

ECS provides a significantly larger sample size for positions beyond the Top 5 executives, such as division heads, general counsels, HR executives, and other key executive positions.

  • Publicly disclosed compensation maintains a high bias, while survey data provides a much larger pool of data to help companies appropriately benchmark pay for the entire executive team
  • ECS is consistent with long-term incentive valuation methodology standards dictated by the SEC
  • Survey data is essential to make the most data-informed decision on compensation


Blended Results 1, 2

Top 5 and ECS are combined together to provide an unrivaled Single Reliable Data Source.

Using Top 5 alone may provide a relatively small sample size for many executive positions. This can result in significant bias in pay analyses. However, taken together, Top 5 and ECS can yield a superior blended result and set a new standard for executive compensation accuracy and insight.

To further present this data to you, every subscription will have two dedicated Account Managers who are well versed on the product and industry.

Our Chief Marketing Officer Top 5 report within the technology sector shows a median total compensation of $1.7M with only seven data points. In combination with ECS, the blended result shows a median total compensation of $1.5M using a set of 22 data points. The opportunity cost to the organization in this example of not using Equilar’s blended data is over $200,000.

Real-Time Data Updates

Our database is continually updated with the latest SEC filings (e.g. 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, DEF 14A, and S-1’s). All of our published data is thoroughly screened through three rounds of quality and accuracy checks.

To further present this data to you, every subscription will have two dedicated Account Managers who are well versed on the product and industry.