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The New York Times 100 Highest-Paid CEOs

Over the past seven years, Equilar has been the preferred data provider to The New York Times for executive compensation information. As part of this collaboration, Equilar provides data on compensation, professional history, and wealth events for executives of publicly-traded companies. Additional information on executive connections, board service, and wealth data can be found in Equilar Atlas, an executive networking tool with profiles of more than 360,000 executives worldwide.

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  Rank Executive Name Title Company 2012 Compensation
1 Lawrence J. Ellison CEO Oracle $96.1M
2 Richard M. Bracken Chairman and CEO HCA $38.5M
3 Robert A. Iger Chairman and CEO Walt Disney $37.1M
4 Mark G. Parker President and CEO Nike $35.2M
5 Philippe P. Dauman President and CEO Viacom $33.3M
6 John J. Donahoe President and CEO eBay $29.7M
7 Howard Schultz Chairman, President and CEO Starbucks $28.9M
8 Stephen I. Chazen President and CEO Occidental Petroleum $28.5M
9 Kenneth I. Chenault Chairman and CEO American Express $28.0M
10 Louis C. Camilleri Chairman and CEO Philip Morris International $24.7M
11 Robert J. Stevens Chairman and CEO Lockheed Martin $23.8M
12 Richard D. Fairbank Chairman, President and CEO Capital One Financial $22.6M
13 K. Rupert Murdoch Chairman and CEO News Corp. $22.4M
14 Louis R. Chenevert Chairman, President and CEO United Technologies $21.7M
15 Muhtar Kent Chairman, President and CEO Coca-Cola $21.6M
16 W. James McNerney Jr. Chairman, President and CEO Boeing $21.1M
17 Randall L. Stephenson Chairman, President and CEO AT&T $20.9M
18 Alan Mulally President and CEO Ford Motor $20.9M
19 Paul E. Jacobs Chairman and CEO Qualcomm $20.7M
20 Jeffrey R. Immelt Chairman and CEO General Electric $20.4M
21 David E.I. Pyott Chairman, President and CEO Allergan $19.3M
22 John G. Stumpf Chairman, President and CEO Wells Fargo $19.3M
23 Miles D. White Chairman and CEO Abbott Laboratories $18.9M
24 Ian C. Read Chairman and CEO Pfizer $18.4M
25 Larry J. Merlo President and CEO CVS Caremark $18.1M
26 Robert A. Walker President and CEO Anadarko Petroleum $18.1M
27 Jay L. Johnson Chairman and CEO General Dynamics $18.0M
28 Michael D. White Chairman, President and CEO DIRECTV $17.8M
29 Stephen A. Wynn Chairman, President and CEO Wynn Resorts $17.7M
30 John F. Coyne CEO Western Digital $17.2M
31 Samuel R. Allen Chairman and CEO Deere $17.1M
32 Andrew N. Liveris Chairman, President and CEO Dow Chemical $16.8M
33 Mark G. Papa Chairman and CEO EOG Resources $16.7M
34 Ryan M. Lance Chairman and CEO ConocoPhillips $16.7M
35 Brian Duperreault President and CEO Marsh & McLennan  $16.6M
36 Joseph M. Tucci Chairman and CEO EMC  $16.5M
37 John C. Plant Chairman, President and CEO TRW Automotive  $16.5M
38 David M. Cote Chairman and CEO Honeywell International  $16.2M
39 James M. Cracchiolo Chairman and CEO Ameriprise Financial  $16.1M
40 Robert L. Parkinson Jr. Chairman and CEO Baxter International  $16.0M
41 Lamberto Andreotti CEO Bristol-Myers Squibb  $16.0M
42 Margaret C. Whitman President and CEO Hewlett-Packard  $15.3M
43 Virginia M. Rometty Chairman, President and CEO IBM  $15.3M
44 John C. Martin Chairman and CEO Gilead Sciences  $15.2M
45 Robert A. McDonald Chairman, President and CEO Procter & Gamble  $15.1M
46 John R. Strangfeld Chairman, President and CEO Prudential Financial  $15.1M
47 Scott A. McGregor President and CEO Broadcom  $15.0M
48 Michael C. Jennings President and CEO HollyFrontier  $15.0M
49 J. Brett Harvey Chairman and CEO CONSOL Energy  $14.3M
50 William M. Brown President and CEO Harris Corp.  $14.2M
51 Ronald M. DeFeo Chairman and CEO Terex  $13.8M
52 Lowell C. McAdam Chairman and CEO Verizon Communications  $13.8M
53 Frederick W. Smith Chairman, President and CEO FedEx  $13.6M
54 Charles E. Bunch Chairman and CEO PPG Industries  $13.4M
55 Richard J. Kramer Chairman, President and CEO Goodyear Tire & Rubber $13.4M
56 Ian M. Cook Chairman, President and CEO Colgate-Palmolive  $13.4M
57 Steven A. Kandarian Chairman, President and CEO MetLife  $13.2M
58 Richard K. Templeton Chairman, President and CEO Texas Instruments  $13.1M
59 Fabrizio Freda President and CEO Estee Lauder  $13.0M
60 Clarence P. Cazalot Jr. Chairman, President and CEO Marathon Oil  $13.0M
61 Hugh Grant Chairman and CEO Monsanto  $12.9M
62 Jeff M. Fettig Chairman and CEO Whirlpool  $12.9M
63 Gerald L. Hassell Chairman, President and CEO Bank Of New York Mellon  $12.8M
64 David M. Cordani President and CEO Cigna  $12.7M
65 George Paz Chairman, President and CEO Express Scripts  $12.7M
66 Ellen J. Kullman Chairman and CEO DuPont  $12.7M
67 Indra K. Nooyi Chairman and CEO PepsiCo  $12.5M
68 Mark P. Frissora Chairman and CEO Hertz  $12.5M
69 William R. Klesse Chairman and CEO Valero Energy  $12.5M
70 Stephen A. Roell Chairman, President and CEO Johnson Controls  $12.4M
71 Gary R. Heminger President and CEO Marathon Petroleum  $12.3M
72 Michael L. Corbat CEO Citigroup  $12.3M
73 Gregory E. Johnson President and CEO Franklin Resources  $12.3M
74 John W. Conway Chairman, President and CEO Crown Holdings  $12.0M
75 Gregory D. Wasson President and CEO Walgreen  $12.0M
76 Stephen F. Angel Chairman, President and CEO Praxair  $11.9M
77 Bryan G. Stockton Chairman and CEO Mattel  $11.8M
78 Timothy M. Manganello Chairman and CEO BorgWarner  $11.7M
79 Klaus Kleinfeld Chairman and CEO Alcoa  $11.7M
80 John T. Chambers Chairman and CEO Cisco Systems  $11.6M
81 Robert A. Livingston President and CEO Dover  $11.5M
82 John D. Finnegan Chairman, President and CEO Chubb  $11.5M
83 Wendell P. Weeks Chairman, President and CEO Corning  $11.4M
84 Scott C. Donnelly Chairman, President and CEO Textron  $11.3M
85 Michael T. Strianese Chairman, President and CEO L-3 Communications  $11.2M
86 Daniel P. Amos Chairman and CEO Aflac  $11.2M
87 Gregory J. Goff President and CEO Tesoro  $11.2M
88 Peter R. Huntsman President and CEO Huntsman  $11.2M
89 George S. Barrett Chairman and CEO Cardinal Health  $11.2M
90 Christopher M. Connor Chairman and CEO Sherwin-Williams  $10.9M
91 Inge G. Thulin Chairman, President and CEO 3M  $10.8M
92 John F. Lundgren President and CEO Stanley Black & Decker  $10.7M
93 D. Scott Davis Chairman and CEO United Parcel Service  $10.6M
94 Thomas F. Motamed Chairman and CEO CNA Financial  $10.6M
95 Michael F. Mahoney President and CEO Boston Scientific  $10.6M
96 Thomas J. Falk Chairman and CEO Kimberly-Clark  $10.6M
97 James P. Gorman Chairman and CEO Morgan Stanley  $10.3M
98 Keith E. Wandell Chairman, President and CEO Harley Davidson  $10.3M
99 Gregory Q. Brown Chairman and CEO Motorola Solutions  $10.3M
100 John F. Brock Chairman and CEO Coca-Cola Enterprises  $10.2M