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About Equilar

Equilar is the leading provider of board intelligence solutions. Companies of all sizes rely on Equilar for their most important boardroom decisions, including 70% of the Fortune 500 and institutional investors representing over $13 trillion in assets.

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Our Mission

Equilar offers data-driven solutions for board recruiting, executive compensation and shareholder engagement that bring together business leaders, institutional investors and advisors to drive exceptional results while ensuring sound corporate governance.

Data. Decisions. Results.


Equilar is the #1 provider of executive data, collecting information on more than 150,000 executives and board members from thousands of public companies.


Equilar cloud-based platforms organize executive data into easily digestible formats, delivering compensation benchmarking, corporate governance and shareholder engagement tools with accuracy and integrity to inform better business decisions.


Equilar engagement tools bring together companies, shareholders and third-party advisors and service providers to drive exceptional results.


Why Equilar?

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