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May 31 - June 2, 2023
JW Marriott  |  Nashville, TN

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Equilar Summit Highlights

Explore the highlights from the Equilar Summit in Nashville, including thought-provoking general sessions and breakout panels.


CHRO Insights: Forecasting the Future of Work

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Jennifer Durbin

Vice President and CHRO
Commercial Metals Company

Janis Hoyt

Chief People Officer
The Honest Company

Melissa Kersey

The Tractor Supply Company

L. David Kingsley

Chief People Officer

Susan Wetzel

Haynes & Boone
  • Employee voice shifts from "where" to "why" of the company

  • Greater emphasis on leadership, empathy, and understanding team members' values

  • Career perspective shortens from years to months

  • Retaining top talent is crucial; understand reasons for employee departures

  • Companies must support education to keep pace with advancing technology

Washington Update: Navigating Political Conflict in Congress and Across the States

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Scott Orr

Vice President Government Relations, Head of Southern Regional Public Affairs
Fidelity Investments
  • All states have taken varied action on ESG investing, with some similarities

  • SEC's aggressive 2023 agenda may be influenced by election outcomes in 2024

  • Bipartisan alignment possible on executive compensation for cases of excessive packages in failed banks or companies

  • Multiple state privacy bills will impact companies' policies on personal information for employers and vendors

Compensation Committee: Fireside Chat

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Anna Catalano

Board Member
Frontdoor, HF Sinclair Corporation, Ecovyst and National Association of Corporate Directors

Ron Schneider

Director, Corporate Governance Solutions
  • Proxy statements are crucial for company communication, reflecting its story. Engage compensation consultants to ensure effective storytelling

  • CEOs should view CHROs as talent development partners, beyond compensation and benefits expertise

  • CHROs play a vital role in bridging the generation gap and developing talent

  • Concerns arise when activists bring information to the board that should already be known, causing sleepless nights for company leaders

Navigating the New SEC Pay Versus Performance Rules,
Lessons Learned and What’s Around the Corner

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Chris Hamilton

Principal, Workforce Transformation

William Main

Director of Client Services

Takis Makridis

Equity Methods

Rob Miceli

Director, Equity Award Services
AwardChoice Financial Reporting
  • PvP introduces “moving part risk” necessitating alignment of responsibilities and controls

  • Collaborative efforts and input from the right team and third-party experts are crucial for successful PvP disclosure stories and proxy reporting

  • PvP represents the proxy’s increasing quantitative complexity

  • Understanding the reasons behind any discrepancy between CAP (Compensation Actually Paid) and TSR (Total Shareholder Return) directionality is essential

  • Maintain comprehensive records for future reference to understand awards and their valuation, evolving through analytics and case studies, requiring skill development


Evolving Compensation Strategies to Adapt to Market Volatility

Sara Bourdouane

Semler Brossy

Michael McLernon

VP Total Rewards
  • Three focus periods: High growth, initial market downturn, and new market paradigm

  • High Growth: Target top pay, equity-weighted, competitive total pay, performance-based, and peer parity

  • Initial market downturn: Short-term actions like hiring freezes, top-up for critical talent, and equity gap evaluation for new hires, while developing long-term risk mitigation strategies

  • New market paradigm: Emphasis on profitability and efficiency, align equity strategy with growth prospects, and lower target pay positioning

Strategic Role of Cross-Functional Collaboration in Driving Pay Equity Progress

Isabel Lazar

Associate General Counsel – Labor & Employment
Baxter International Inc.

Stephania Sanon

McDermott Will & Emery LLP

Therese Sebastian

Director, Valuation & HR Advisory Services
Equity Methods
  • Begin HRIS prep work ahead of pay equity audit, considering thoughtful employee grouping based on roles and verticals

  • Involve legal and outside counsel in pay equity determination to protect data and emails under legal privilege

  • Highlight that ad hoc analysis lacks statistical analysis and comprehensive company-wide insights

  • Prioritize shareholder engagement regarding pay disclosure, negotiate with activists for adjusted pay ratio approval instead of both ratios

Is ESG on the Rise or Fall?

Yonat Assayag

ClearBridge Compensation Group

Vijay Iyer

SVP Associate General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Booking Holdings

Chris Wightman

PJT Camberview
  • E&S issues are a top concern for investors

  • ESG metrics are widely used and lack a standardized classification

  • A true ESG business strategy is essential before adopting ESG metrics

  • Establishing a clear ESG strategy will determine the specific ESG metrics a company will assess and employ

Evolution of the Compensation Committee: Are You Prepared?

Amie Krause

Chief People Officer

Tom Penque

Chief Talent Officer
Definitive Healthcare

Aalap Shah

Managing Director
Pearl Meyer
  • Compensation committee charters expand to include talent pipelines, culture and ethics, employee engagement, and pay equity

  • ESG is a consideration in every committee, while the management team is responsible for overall ESG aspects

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for recruiting, turnover, and social responsibility: new hires, high turnover, and diversity by level

  • "Ready-now" successors are individuals prepared for a role within one year, while "Ready" successors can step in within one to two years

Executive Compensation Practices: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Kristine Bhalla

ClearBridge Compensation Group

Lisa Coulson

Vice President, Human Resources
Principal Financial Group

Eric Hosken

Compensation Advisory Partners

David Martin

Managing Director
PJT Camberview

David Outlaw

Managing Director
Equity Methods
  • Clawback provisions gain attention, mostly in SEC-compliant form

  • Strategic use of awards to retain key talent is crucial

  • Valuations decline due to volatility, inflation and labor market issues, impacting grants for new hires and retention awards

  • Education and communication to executives are budgeted and fundamental in most companies' share plans

Choose Your Own Adventure: Empowering Employees with Equity Choice Plans

Emily Cervino

Head of Industry Relationships and Thought Leadership
Fidelity Stock Plan Services

Evans Longacre

Fidelity Workplace Consulting

Sydney Hilzenrath

Senior Director, Executive Compensation
Iron Mountain
  • Iron Mountain rolled out the plan gradually, starting with the C-suite, followed by SVP/EVP levels, and then VP/Director levels

  • The team is firm on the selection and has no provisions to revert choices or assist with losses over time or performance

  • Executives primarily have performance-based plan choices, even in conservative options

  • 100% PSU options were exclusively offered to C-suite members

Big Changes From the SEC: New Rule 10b5-1 and Rule 144

Mike Andresino

ArentFoxx Schiff LLP

Carly Griffin

Executive Director
Morgan Stanley

Amy Wheeler

Global Director Payroll
  • Pre-arranged trades mitigate insider trading concerns

  • Issuers can utilize 10b5-1 to purchase shares

  • 10b5-1 allows insiders to liquidate positions during closed windows

  • New conditions tighten the affirmative defense

  • Rule prohibits overlapping plans, except for sell-to-cover transactions

The ESPP that Boosts Your ESG and DE&I

Chris Dohrmann

SVP of Strategic Partnerships
Global Shares

Sinead Kelly

Baker McKenzie

Aaron Shapiro

Founder & CEO
Carver Edison
  • The "S" in ESG is increasingly vital for talent attraction and retention

  • Cashless ESPP participation enhances ESG scores

  • Cashless ESPPs reduce employee turnover by up to 60% and should be considered in all retention programs

Taking the Lead: Boost Perceived Value of Equity Awards

Dean Baylor

Applied Materials
Global Stock Programs Analyst

Ryan Trent

Senior Manager, Equity Administration

Tommy Swindle

UBS, Director
Equity Plan Program Management
  • Employee understanding of the equity program is crucial for their appreciation of its value

  • Surveys indicate a disconnect between employee satisfaction (64%) and administrators' perception of satisfaction (85%)

  • Recommended frequency of significant communication about stock plans is four to five times per year

  • Education on equity programs can be achieved through PDFs, websites, and videos, considering varying levels of employee knowledge and priorities

  • Incorporating equity plans into broader financial planning discussions is a best practice, increasing confidence and satisfaction among employees

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