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Board Assessment for Institutional Investors

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Effectively Assess Your Portfolio Companies’ Boards

In recent years, the rise of shareholder engagement has transformed the corporate governance landscape. The Equilar Board Brief found in BoardEdge provides all the data you need to stay up-to-date throughout the year. With printable company summaries, your proxy voting team can quickly see what has changed at a company since the last annual meeting, in addition to approximately 12 pages of up-to-date governance data on everything from board policies to Say on Pay results.


With the Board Search tool, you can easily identify boards by using various filters including company name, industry, company financials, gender diversity and more. You can also search across profiles of board directors and executives and evaluate their work history to ensure they adequately represent shareholder interests. All data may be saved to personal folders for later reference, and you will be notified when any directors or executives in your folders have either left or joined a company.


Once you have identified companies or boards that match your criteria, you can quickly evaluate their composition. With the Benchmark tool, you can compare companies to their proxy-disclosed peers, Equilar Market Peers or a customized peer group and identify outlier companies that may need deeper assessments.


Share Director Profiles

With Equilar BoardEdge, you can easily download PDF profiles of board ready candidates based on your custom specifications. Profiles are based on corporate affiliations and boards from the last 15 years and include connection paths to your board, experience, biographies and more.


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