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From Data to Deals: How Relationship Intelligence is Revolutionizing B2B Sales

September 7, 2023


What is Relationship Intelligence? The Next Frontier in Business Development

In today's fast-paced business environment, having an established network of connections is more important than ever before. However, having an extensive network of contacts and potential clients is easier said than done without today’s advances in CRM technology and applications. Relationship intelligence is the next frontier of the B2B Marketing and Sales tech stack.

Relationship intelligence provides centralized insights on network connections within a firm to help drive business opportunities. Leveraging connection paths and warm introductions, companies gain valuable information about their customers, prospects and partners, and ultimately drive better business outcomes. With that said, there are numerous hurdles that companies need to overcome before they can fully take advantage of their network's established relationships.

Data is King: CRM Optimization

The largest hurdle companies face when implementing a relationship intelligence strategy is the sheer amount of relationship data that needs to be ingested to be effective. It is near impossible to keep up to date with the daily executive and board member changes at client and prospect accounts without advanced technology and automation tools.

As relationship-driven industries and B2B sales teams implement a relationship intelligence strategy, the journey begins with streamlining CRM processes and relationship data. Gone are the days of manual data entry and stale records. Instead, many firms opt for externally managed data sources that yield immediate value.

Equilar's ExecAtlas database actively enriches CRM data with nearly 3 million in-depth profiles of influential executives and board members worldwide. The database maps over 500 million connections across these leaders' professional networks, allowing business development teams to create relationship maps and uncover pathways into key prospects.

Solve the Last Mile with Seamless CRM Integration

With ExecAtlas CRM integrations, you can:

  • Sync real-time executive profile and affiliations into their CRM for superior data enrichment

  • Identify new prospects based on network connections

  • Set alerts to detect when key appointments and departures occur

  • See the full history of interactions across the sales organization with unified contact records

For companies with existing relationship data, ExecAtlas can be used as a powerful CRM tool to intelligently merge with existing contacts and preserve institutional knowledge. This balances the need for speed with control over data governance.

The result is enhanced visibility into relationships and real-time insights to detect opportunities and power new workflows. B2B sales and marketing executives who integrate ExecAtlas into their CRMs will be primed to enhance client experiences, strengthen competitive positioning, and drive revenue growth through relationship intelligence.

Real-Time Alerts Signal New Opportunities to Win Business

Getting the Most from Your Data

Once the CRM data maintenance process is successfully implemented, the next step in harnessing relationship intelligence is organizing relationship maps between colleagues, clients and partners, and identifying “who-knows-who.” ExecAtlas helps to solve the last mile of sales by providing connections to key decision-makers. Warm introductions from shared connections can accelerate opportunities in the pipeline to close deals faster. By seamlessly incorporating these insights into the established workflow of business development teams, they can effectively leverage this valuable information for their day-to-day operations to target new prospect accounts and strengthen client relationships.

Centralized Relationship Intelligence Across the Firm

Are You Ready for a Next-Gen Relationship Intelligence Solution?

When your company integrates ExecAtlas into its workflow, your contact data, activity history, and relationship data transform your CRM to deliver unparalleled relationship intelligence to win new business. Are you ready for ExecAtlas? Connect with us and learn how we can transform how you source and close new business today.


Connagh Rowley

Associate Editor at Equilar

Please contact Belen Gomez, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Communications, at for more information.

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