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What is Relationship Intelligence?

ExecAtlas empowers dealmakers, business development professionals and sales teams with cutting-edge relationship intelligence. Tackle the crucial “last mile” challenge, equipping your team with the right information at the right time to win deals. Bridge the gap between data and actionable insights, putting relationships at the center of every deal.

Diagram showing how Equilar’s ExecAtlas can map your connections with your contacts through data mining, resulting in superior relationship intelligence.

Map Relationships

Identify “who-knows-who” by mining organization data, and sync CRM activity with executive and board relationship maps to identify who can influence deals in your pipeline.

Equilar ExecAtlas can help you track appointments and departures on boards and executive positions across your network.

Track Transitions

Track executive and board member transitions, empowering you with real-time updates on key leadership changes within target accounts.

Use ExecAtlas’ extensive board and executive profile biographies and work histories to win deals.

Win Deals

Shorten sales cycles through access to key decision makers and influencers at target accounts and discover new business opportunities within your contacts’ network.

Relationship Intelligence Where You Need It

Access board member and executive profiles and 360+ million professional connections all on one platform.
Our diverse range of solutions caters to the relationship intelligence needs of any growing business.

Access ExecAtlas through a web portal on your desktop to gain real-time business and relationship intelligence.

ExecAtlas Portal

Access the ExecAtlas database on your desktop or through the app to gain real-time business and relationship intelligence updates.

Integrate ExecAtlas into your CRM to receive superior relationship intelligence within your company's workflow.

ExecAtlas for CRM

Embrace the future with superior CRM data for AI, Machine Learning, and next-gen applications. Enrich your CRM with unmatched relationship intelligence.

Utilize Equilar’s Data Feed and API capabilities to bring superior relationship intelligence directly into your business application.

Data Feed / API

Turbocharge your business application and meet real time-demands with a performant API feed in your proprietary systems.

Equilar RainMaker

Integrate all of your data silos into Equilar RainMaker to access business and relationship intelligence whenever and wherever you need it.

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Integrate Into Your CRM Workflow

Learn more about how ExecAtlas integrates into your CRM.

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NEW Partner Spotlight: Capitalize on Relationship Intelligence by integrating Equilar Data in the DealCloud platform.

NEW Partner Spotlight

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Capitalize on Relationship Intelligence

Integrating Equilar data into the DealCloud platform helps firms tap into market-leading executive and relationship data to identify meaningful connections and power relationship intelligence. Using DealCloud DataCortex, dealmakers can populate DealCloud records, reports, dashboards, and tear sheets with verified contact intelligence and company affiliations driven directly from the ExecAtlas database of executives and board members.

Hear from Our Customers

Headshot of Janice Ellig, CEO of the Ellig Group

Equilar’s platform is a highly valuable business development product. It offers solutions whereby we can address clients’ needs in a more comprehensive and efficient manner, with clients returning to Ellig Group for their Board Advisory and Search needs.

Janice Ellig


Headshot of Lisa Spivey, Executive Director at NACD

NACD (National Association of Corporate Directors) Northern California has been using Equilar for the last few years and we have been so impressed by the timeliness of data we receive. We integrate the product in our team’s daily workflow and find it incredibly easy and useful. We recommend it on a regular basis to our 2,300-board director community because we find that they benefit too.

Lisa Spivey

Executive Director

Headshot of Todd Alfred, Senior Direcor of Development at PGA Reach

We at PGA Reach have had a fantastic experience using Equilar ExecAtlas for our prospecting and fundraising initiatives. Between the platform's powerful tools and the integration with Salesforce, we have been able to thoroughly vet prospects and connect with donors to support our programs. The Equilar ExecAtlas team has been incredibly supportive throughout the process and we could not have achieved such success without their guidance and expertise. We look forward to continuing our partnership and making a meaningful impact in the golf industry and beyond.

Todd Alfred

Senior Director, Development