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Maximize the Growth
Potential of Your Firm

Empowering Law Firms to Harness Relationship Intelligence

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Connect Intelligently to Win New Clients

ExecAtlas is the ultimate tool designed to empower law firms in driving new client acquisition and fostering stronger engagement through the power of relationship intelligence. Unleash the potential of ExecAtlas to navigate complex client networks, identify strategic connections, and seize untapped business opportunities.

Real-Time Intelligence

Track executive appointments and departures.

Warm Introductions

Connect with top prospects through your clients’ networks.

Win Business

Uncover new business opportunities and companies to pursue.

See How Your Network Is Connected to Decision Makers

With ExecAtlas, you'll gain unparalleled insights into client relationships, enabling you to forge meaningful connections, expand your client base and elevate your business development efforts.

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Contact us to learn more about ExecAtlas CRM integrations, custom data feeds and APIs.

Partner Spotlight: Capitalize on Relationship Intelligence by integrating Equilar Data in the DealCloud platform.

Partner Spotlight

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Capitalize on Relationship Intelligence

Integrating Equilar data into the DealCloud platform helps firms tap into market-leading executive and relationship data to identify meaningful connections and power relationship intelligence. Using DealCloud DataCortex, dealmakers can populate DealCloud records, reports, dashboards, and tear sheets with verified contact intelligence and company affiliations driven directly from the ExecAtlas database of executives and board members.