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Disclosure Search

Disclosure Search is the most comprehensive solution to accurately examine SEC public disclosures. The accessible interface allows you to search within all publicly disclosed SEC forms using a variety of filters. Results are displayed in excerpt form with the ability to click on a link to open the actual disclosure and the exact location of your search term.

Advanced Filing Search

8-K, 10-K, 10-Q, DEF 14A, S-1 and more

Robust Results

Top Searches: Clawbacks, Equity Mix and COVID-19

Key Benefits

Annual SEC Filings Include

  • 4,066 Proxy Filings

  • 14,505 Form 8K

  • 4,336 Form 10K

Search By

  • Keywords (e.g. clawbacks, equity mix, hedging/pledging, etc.)

  • Tickers or within your peer group

  • Financials, Industry, Geography, number of Employees