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Preparing to engage with shareholders can often prove to be quite a daunting task. Equilar offers a suite of solutions to help you stay ahead of investor expectations and ensure sound governance practices.

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A high-performing board and executive team is critical in today's corporate environment. Access Equilar BoardEdge to identify more than one million board and executive candidates who meet various experiential and demographic criteria.

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Sales and business development initiatives often stall due to a lack of high-level connections to advocate the deal. Equilar ExecAtlas features millions of executive and board-level connections to help you get the most out of your network.


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Equilar delivers curated governance and compensation reports directly to your inbox ahead of critical board and shareholder engagement meetings. Meet with a dedicated Equilar corporate governance expert to discuss specific data requirements to ensure you receive the reports you need. Log in or contact us at to get started today.

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Thought Leadership

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Customer Stories

"As chairman of the board at Vontier, I found Equilar BoardEdge to be an invaluable tool for identifying and recruiting new board members as we prepared to take the company public. The emphasis on diversity and identifying top candidates is a critical element in the board succession process. The BoardEdge technology which enables tailored search capabilities allowed me to easily discover qualified candidates and understand their connection points with our Vontier network. This is key. BoardEdge unlocks connections and relationships you may not have explored otherwise to ensure a robust and comprehensive search. I highly recommend BoardEdge to companies and boards that are looking to take more control of their search processes to find the best talent for their boards."

"Companies, boards and compensation professionals recognize Equilar as the industry leader in executive and board data. Our board and management clients demand accurate, consistent and timely information. Equilar helps us deliver on those high expectations across its suite of leading tools and resources. We're proud to call Equilar our partner."

"Equilar’s research team has been instrumental to providing impeccable analysis for critical transaction discussions and executive compensation-related decisions. The team of industry experts is highly capable with a broad understanding of M&A implications on compensation matters. The depth and breadth of expertise in severance/change in control, transaction bonuses and other special awards, to name a few, continue to be an incredibly valuable asset to our team."

"When my sales team was looking at particular companies as new prospects, I immediately thought, ‘I’m going to see who we know over there.’ I ran my directors’ connections through BoardEdge to see if any of them are connected to any of those public companies. We could tap those connections. When you’re looking at a brand-new prospect, how do you get over that wall and make that connection? If you can make that sales call at the board level, that immediately gets sent up to management and you will likely get a call back."

Karen Francis

Chairman of the Board, Vontier

Jim Wolf

Managing Partner, Meridian

Joseph Yaffe

Partner, Executive Compensation and Benefits, Skadden

Mary Flipse

Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, Tivity Health

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