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Relationship intelligence solutions for dealmakers

Compensation Benchmarking

Executive compensation data solutions for HR teams


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ExecAtlas Portal

Access the ExecAtlas database on your desktop or through the app to gain real-time business and relationship intelligence updates.

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ExecAtlas for CRM

Embrace the future with superior CRM data for AI, Machine Learning, and next-gen applications. Enrich your CRM with unmatched relationship intelligence.

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Data Feed & API

Turbocharge your business application and meet real time-demands with a performant API feed in your proprietary systems.

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Equilar RainMaker

Integrate all of your data silos into Equilar RainMaker to access business and relationship intelligence whenever and wherever you need it.

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Governance & Compensation Benchmarking

For over two decades, Equilar has been the trusted choice of HR and compensation teams, offering unparalleled executive compensation data and cutting-edge solutions.

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Client in the Spotlight

Logo of Equilar Client, Nasdaq

Powering Client Relationship Intelligence on Salesforce

Nasdaq, a global technology company serving the capital markets, has selected the Equilar ExecAtlas platform to enhance its relationship intelligence capabilities and optimize its tech stack operations. The strategic move aims to streamline access to client relationship insights and workflows.