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Career Development

Career development is an important part of life at Equilar. We always prefer to promote from within and when the right position isn't available, have a strong track record of creating new positions to suit an employee's interests and career aspirations. Whenever possible, we aim to support your goals as an individual in conjunction with supporting the goals of the organization.

Equilarians come to us from all kinds of backgrounds and embark on a variety of career paths once they join the company. We've had employees move into successful careers in management, engineering, product management, project management, human resources, compensation, executive compensation, consulting, finance, sales, and many more. Many employees also go on to obtain their MBAs or JDs. Whatever your desired career path, we are committed to providing you with the skills and experiences you'll need to get there.

Training and Development

Training and development is key to success at Equilar. Education is one of our core values, after all. We cultivate high achievers and top quartile performers through a comprehensive and innovative training and development program - our LearnGrowLead (LGL) Program.

The LGL Program is a three-pronged approach that supports employee growth at the entry level, as employees progress in their careers, and as they prepare for leadership positions in the future. As a part of this, we provide each employee with an individual allowance and paid time off specifically for training and development. With guidance from HR and their manager, employees create their own personalized training and development plan to develop the skills needed to achieve their career goals.

The LearnGrowLead Program includes:

LGL Allowance

LGL Paid Time Off

Leadership Rotation Program

Mentor Program

Executive Lunch Program


Management Training

Advanced Degree Assistance Program

Leadership Rotation Program

The Equilar Leadership Rotation Program (LRP) is a two to three year program designed to put college graduates on a fast track to management level positions. Tailored around the path you take, the LRP will provide you with specialized knowledge, skills, and experiences that allow you to jump start your career and take on greater levels of responsibility early on.

Stage 1. In stage one, you rotate for one year on Equilar’s Research team, building a foundation of knowledge in executive compensation and corporate governance; technical skills such as Excel and SQL; and professional skills such as communication, presentation, and career management.

Your primary responsibility during this time is to build industry knowledge. This is done by reading through, interpreting, and breaking down data found in SEC filings. We track executive compensation, board of director compensation, equity, management, financial, and governance data. No matter what track you're on or where you end up, all employees at Equilar are expected to develop strong industry knowledge and stay on top of current trends.

Stage 2. Rotation Program. You will rotate into a position designed to move you further into your track. You can also use the Rotation Program to explore other career tracks. We encourage employees to complete more than one rotation before moving into stage three.

Stage 3. After two to three years you are ready to take on one of the following roles at Equilar:

Research Management Track

Equilar’s online products and services are used by a wide range of individuals and organizations who are deeply invested in the way businesses are managed. They rely on Equilar’s data, research, and analytics to make critical business decisions. Equilar’s Research team is the core of our business – it’s where we compile the data, analyze it, and produce the research that you find in the Wall Street Journal and on CNN.

The Research Management track is for those who wish to become leaders on Equilar’s research team. It is the best place in our organization to gain personnel (people) management experience or become a project manager.

Research Management

Research Managers measure their own success by their ability to enable and bring out the best in their employees. A Research Manager finds it enjoyable to not only train, mentor, and motivate others, but also connect with people to help reinforce the importance of their roles. They take pleasure in achieving great results from meticulous planning and perfect execution. Research management is for individuals who are excited by “meaningful stress” such as strategizing for the future, making day-to-day decisions, maintaining team focus, and communicating with senior management.

Project Management

It is vital for Project Managers to take the extra step to read between the lines, finding the underlying meaning to an unmet need or existing problem. Project Managers do not take information for granted, but rather they pursue all possible leads and get lost in large spreadsheets to find the complete answer. They take their understanding of existing products and help clients with more specific requests. Project management is for individuals who absorb new ideas and knowledge, becoming industry experts to complete client requests and meet deadlines.

Content Management

Content Managers enjoy writing for the pleasure of others, gathering information from differing points of view, and finding trends in large data sets. They are often avid learners who end up becoming the subject matter experts on their reading material. It is important for Content Managers to truly enjoy their area of expertise so they can effectively plan, write, and edit articles and reports. Content management is for people who enjoy collaborating with other departments and meeting editorial deadlines.

Product Development Track

Equilar’s online products and services are used by a wide range of individuals and organizations who are deeply invested in the way businesses are managed. The Product Development track is for those who wish to be involved with the development of those products, whether it be quality assurance, coding, design, and/or development. This is a technical track – for those who love technology, working with engineers, and thinking about product requirements.

Overview By Function

You’ll start to learn coding and scripting by being a Quality Engineer. You’ll learn the ins and outs of our internal and external products (Equilar Insight, Equilar Atlas, Tagger).

If desired, you could start to learn Java, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, Python, and related programming languages. If you are willing to put in time, effort, and commitment, we’ll provide you with training to become an entry level Software Engineer.

Alternatively, if you wish to truly understand the needs of our clients, and design products that will address those needs, then you could become a Product Manager on the product development team. This position takes a little longer to obtain (minimum of three years) as you are required to develop substantial industry and product knowledge. If you choose this path, you will become directly responsible for the development of Equilar’s products - from inception to implementation.

If you...

Love technology and all things technical;

Absorb ideas and knowledge from everyone and everything. You often end up the subject matter expert on whatever project you are working on;

Enjoy solving other people’s problems and read between the lines to find some sort of underlying meaning or unmet need;

Did well in math and science classes in college;

Then this is the right track for you.

Client Relations Track

Equilar’s online products and services are used by a wide range of individuals and organizations who are deeply invested in the way businesses are managed. The Client Relations track prepares you to anticipate and exceed the needs of senior executives in HR, Legal, Finance, and other areas.

After an introduction to the language and rules of executive compensation through learning and doing, concepts are reinforced by extensive real world examples in regulatory filings. This prepares you to contribute to the marketing, sales, and service areas at Equilar.

Overview By Function

Marketing. Collect, analyze, and segment target audiences; create, format, and disseminate messaging; conceptualize, execute, and promote tactics to reinforce Equilar’s brand messaging.

Sales. Articulate value proposition, evaluate key targets, and creatively reach decision-makers. Cold call, demo, and close business.

Service. . Teach and explain concepts and tools, expertly answer inquiries, provide data and intelligence as solutions, anticipate and prevent problems, and integrate Equilar’s resources into client workflows.

Through guided learning and reinforced by active discussion sessions, you will learn to articulate concepts that are critical to our clients’ needs.

If you...

Want to gain a broad business perspective that demands marketing, sales, product, service, research, and technical skills;

Enjoy learning, teaching, and communicating on a daily basis;

Possess business communication and project management skills that can be developed and refined to an even higher level;

Are accurate and detest errors;

Exhibit the subtlety and nuances of superior customer service skills;

Thrive in an environment that demands critical-thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making;

Then this is the right track for you.

To Apply

When we are hiring for the LRP, you will see it listed under the "Open Positions" bar at the top of this page. Click on the link and follow the online instructions. There will be an application question that allows you to indicate which track(s) you are interested in.

We will look at your skills, qualifications, and interests and work with you to determine which track is the best fit for you.

We look forward to meeting you!

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