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Insight Overview

Shared Subscription Program

Harness the Value of Your Clients’ Corporate Equilar Subscription

The Leading Provider of Board Intelligence Solutions

Mutual Benefits

The Equilar Shared Subscription Program (SSP) provides compensation advisors access to a suite of executive compensation products ordinarily reserved for corporate issuers including: Top 25 Survey, Pay-for-Performance and Peer Research. With SSP, advisors benefit from greater access to information and reporting options to more effectively serve client needs.

How It Works

Before starting client work, reach out to your Equilar representative and inquire about SSP. If your client has an Equilar account, Equilar will grant you immediate access pending their written approval.

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Provide clients enhanced advice and guidance by leveraging industry leading Equilar products available through SSP.

  • Equilar Top 25 Survey

  • Pay for Performance - Model proxy advisors’ Say-on-Pay methodology

  • Peer Group Dashboard

  • Shareholder Value Transfer

Free yourself from data budget constraints

  • There is absolutely no additional fee for the program

  • Generate unlimited custom reports: filter role or peer group

  • No need to track your Equilar usage with client codes

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Accurate, easy-to-use compensation benchmarking data at your fingertips


Incentive Plan Analysis

The most detailed and sophisticated data set for performance-based incentive plans.

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