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Equilar Launches Board Brief for Effective Investor Meeting Preparation

REDWOOD CITY, CA (October 10, 2018) —As the governance landscape continues to evolve, corporate America is facing more pressure than ever to keep pace with the latest trends and updates, particularly with heightened investor scrutiny.

This fall, several key stakeholder concerns will be addressed as the largest institutional investors and pension funds in the U.S. will engage with thousands of publicly traded companies. To assist companies in preparing for these engagements, Equilar is announcing the release of the Equilar Board Brief— a comprehensive report that streamlines preparation by consolidating critical compensation, governance changes and proxy voting data analyses in a real-time summary document. Board Brief is currently available within the Equilar Insight platform.

Preparing for annual meetings or board meetings not only takes careful scheduling but also meticulous planning to be sure to address any issues on both sides of the table. For instance, according to Equilar data, over the past three years, environmental, social and governance (ESG) proposals have received a median approval rating of 20.8% with only 2.5% of all proposals receiving enough votes to pass. Identifying data of this nature and how top investors voted on key proposals within an industry or peer group are critical to have on hand for effective preparation.

With the Equilar Board Brief, proxy voting teams, executives and board members can be sure they are leveraging the same up-to-date information available to focus their discussions on the most pressing issues and stay ahead of the conversation.

"We’re excited how our Board Brief brings together the latest information and trends for directors and key stakeholders,” said David Chun, CEO and Founder of Equilar. “With the click of a button, a Board Brief keeps everyone well informed on recent industry activity before making key decisions."

The data points and various benefits of the Equilar Board Brief are highlighted below:

  • Board and Executive Transitions: Appointments and resignations on the company’s board or executive team

  • Trends in Executive Pay: Basic summary compensation table information, as well as realizable pay figures for the CEO

  • Annual Meeting Results: Outcomes of historical voting results and trending shareholder and management proposal types, including Say on Pay

  • Pay for Performance: Determines whether executive pay is adequately aligned with TSR performance

  • Election of Directors: Overview on how each director standing for election in the most recent annual meeting performed

Please email for more information or to view a sample report.

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