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Peer Group Dashboard

Interactive Tool For Identifying and Analyzing Peer Groups

To help firms determine an optimal peer group, Equilar offers the most comprehensive tool for peer evaluation, addition, and analysis. Whether analyzing the financials of current peer groups or evaluating new peer companies, Equilar has the data firms need to create the ultimate benchmarking cohort. Equilar Peer Research Tools enables companies to identify which companies benchmark to them and whom their peers benchmark to.


  • Research the current members of your peer group, including revenue data comparisons
  • Evaluate your second-degree peers (the peers of your peers) for inclusion in your company’s peer group
  • View all the companies who benchmark to your firm, and evaluate them for inclusion in your company’s peer group
  • Determine the percentage of peers you have in common with a given company
  • Peer group searches across industries, geographic regions, and financial metrics that are easy to create and save
  • Maintain and save an up-to-date record of your existing peer group, and evaluate your rank and percentile rank within the group
In devising and maintaining the Company’s Executive Officer compensation program, the Committee requests management to periodically provide data relevant to the compensation paid to officers holding equivalent positions or having similar responsibilities in a group of industry peers derived from Equilar, a leading independent third-party provider of financial, executive and director compensation data for their review. Equilar was used by the Company to obtain competitive compensation information from public proxy data as an independent resource for management and the Committee as a general reference to low, mean, median and high compensation ranges and for correlation to similar measures of operating profitability, including total shareholder return.

—Gorman Rupp Co (GRC), March, 2014

Compensation Practices

Distilled, Pertinent Trend Information

Every day, companies face the challenge of making the right executive compensation decisions, ranging from setting performance metrics, choosing the right award vehicles, approving a new-hire grant, to selecting an independent board consultant. In addition, they must also succinctly communicate their rewards philosophies and choices to shareholders through the CD&A. Equilar’s compensation practices tools help companies quickly search hundreds of proxy statements to find relevant disclosure examples to aid the decision-making process. Moreover, these examples will help determine how to best discuss complex topics and improve the overall readability of your CD&A.

Key Features

  • Filter Compensation Discussion & Analysis (CD&A) texts of Russell 3000 companies by keyword
  • Refine searches using revenue, market cap, industry, and more
  • Easily print CD&As without printing hundreds of other proxy pages
  • Leverage a library of curated disclosure examples to help with specific compensation and governance topics
  • Create an executive summary to contextualize the CD&A for shareholders
  • Measure shifts in composition of equity-based pay among peers

Consultant Engagement Index

An Independent View on Consulting Arrangements

  • Identify which consulting firms are most often utilized in your peer group, and sort firms by any combination of industry, revenue, market cap, location, and other criteria
  • Access a list of all clients of a single consulting firm, by industry or company size
  • Determine areas of strength and weakness for each consulting firm, based on its industry penetration
  • Get insight on consultants in a variety of categories, recognizing firms for their particular areas of strength.
    Equilar 2013 Consultant League Research Report